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Technical issues#

Please verify the following before sending a support issue:

  1. The issue persists: if you're experiencing an issue on a single page, please try to update it to see if it is solved.
  2. The issue is not covered on our documentation:

Send us a description of the issue and the site or pages in which the issues occurs. Screenshots or screen recordings can also assist us in solving the issue. You can contact us via the 'Support' icon to the left 👈. Alternatively, our support email: [email protected]

AMP support for custom widgets#

Custom built widget might not perform as expected in their AMP version. Such dynamic elements require a dedicated setup to behave properly in the AMP page. If you're an agency with a custom built widget, reach out to us with the following:

  • A webpage that contains the widget.
  • The number of websites that have that widget installed.

Our email: [email protected]

AMP support for 3rd party tools#

Ampify does not offer AMP support for external tools implemented in the sites, that are not already supported by Ampify. Many 3rd party providers already offer dedicated AMP widgets - we recommend verifying with the provider for their AMP support status. For other issues related to 3rd party tools on AMP pages, reach out to us at [email protected].